I made a small change to my daily routine

I thought I was going to motivate myself a little before Christmas, creating a new list on spotify for my daily walk/running. Haven’t really such a run list that I only update when I’m bored the other songs. But had an idea the other day that I was going to make a Christmas list.

Since I usually walk or jog in the nearby area, there are many happy House and light and see. And at this time it is just so nice. So why not have something more festive music on the ear as well. So here is my new motivational list. Maybe it can be motivating for others too ♥

The list begins with a few quiet songs and ends with a few quiet songs for heating and stepping down. There are a couple of songs on the list that have nothing to do with Christmas. But I just must have with so much energy, of those love songs.

I may be going to change a bit on the list. For example, the list is far too long for a run when I run 5 km, but for a walk should be long enough. If you think the list is inspiring at all, then it is just tinkering on it as you will.

Good December!

ED Protocol Book Review


I stumbled upon a good book on men health recently. For the many males out there suffering from erectile dysfunction, there seems to be a solution for treatment. And, it is cheaper than you think. A visit to your doctor often costs hundreds of dollars and can result in a low success rate. Jason Long from the ED Protocol has a lot to say about E.D and especially how using natural products only, you can literally cure your problem.

ED Protocol Food List Recommendation

Physical and psychological causes can lead to male E.D. Erectile dysfunction is the inability for a man to obtain or to maintain an erection during sex or masturbation. This condition is often associated with physical problems such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, disorders of the nervous system, disorders of urinary and genital disorders. Male impotence may also be associated with anxiety, stress, guilt, embarrassment, or depression. The condition is aggravated by excessive consumption of alcohol or caffeine and smoking.

Men suffering from E.D must stop or at least reduce their caffeine intake. Thus they need to control smoking. Caffeine and nicotine contributes to the constriction of blood vessels and decrease the blood flow to the penis. However, there exists controversial that show that caffeine actually help combat erectile dysfunction.

Studies have suggested that men with high levels of cholesterol in the blood are much more likely to suffer from male penile problems. The high level of cholesterol partially blocks the arteries by reducing blood flow to the penis. To avoid the high level of cholesterol, your diet should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains and contains only a small amount of lean meat. You must also ensure that foods low in saturated fat.

Foods rich in zinc, for example oysters, can act as a powerful aphrodisiac that there is very limited evidence to suggest this case. However it has been shown that a diet deficient in zinc can also lead to a low male libido.

Jason Long suggests that zinc supplements can improve your virility in maintaining the level of the hormone testosterone to normal.

If you suffer from E.D, you should ‘ include valuable quantities of zinc in your diet by eating seafood, lentils, soy beans, lean meat and wheat germ. You can also take zinc supplements.

In Conclusion

I find that this book is simple to understand and it goes straight to the facts of this serious male problem. If you have been suffering from E.D, no matter what your age, I think Jason’s book can help you tremendously, and last but not least, help you save some money over buying expensive sex pills or even going the surgery route that can cost you thousands.

Be yourself. You deserve it

I hear all the time from people who know me not very well, both when it comes to my income and from what I have achieved in life. I am often told that I am undeserving and that everything in life is random; that I have just been lucky.

This riles me up. I have worked very hard to get me where I am today. I have known a lot of adversity, but this did not no stop me from setting my goals, dreams and all the way to achieving them one by one.

We all start on an equal footing in life. We all get a fair share of opportunities. This applies to even the children of the biggest celebrities. Especially them, who will be met with a lot of adversity, and even they have to work hard to achieve their individual dreams.

This has nothing to do with luck, but the choice you have taken! The life you have, and what you choose to do with it and the situations one has come to is entirely up to us. You are the master of your own destiny.

Don’t come and tell me that it is only because I became a mom in a too young age, that I have not achieved success. I hear that all too often, and it has really nothing to do with my success.

That I was pregnant, and was a mom at a young age was, of course, one of the things that many were surprised with. I was 15 years old and pregnant is no longer the main focus here in my life, even though I blog a lot about life as a mom. I have, after all, had a few blogs for almost 4 years!

It is a talent and I have an understanding of the modern marketing. I’m good, not lucky. I’ve started right where you guys have. I have lived a life of many adventures, and choose to share down to the smallest detail. I’m open, I’m honest, I’m myself!

Be Yourself!

be yourself

I ate at a great restaurant today

Good morning!

Last night my mom, the kids and I had a wonderful evening out. We ate at a restaurant located just off the street here and I have not actually been there before. I’ve talked a lot with one of the people working there, and promised him to come back this week. It was a wise choice! It was an absolutely wonderful nice restaurant and the food was just amazing. The firehouse restaurant was after yesterday’s visit, one of my favorite restaurants down here in Sacramento!

firehouse restaurant

It feels nice when the food and service is so good, especially when you do not have any expectations in advance! After we were done eating, we had a magnificent dessert. I used the occasion to browse boutiques in the area. All shops will be closed for the season soon. I actually bought me three new dresses, a pair of trousers and a pair of new shoes.

I am so happy that I actually did something nice!

I have not shopped for some clothes after I moved down here recently. The only thing I have traded below are foods and things for the house. Sometimes it is fun to indulge in some new clothes. I usually tend to just buy clothes and things for the kids, so it felt good to buy something for myself for once. Hope everyone gets a beautiful day today. We have no plans for the day, so I think this will be a wonderful and relaxing day.

The Musings of Annie Sturgis

I always had a great interest for health. I wake up early in the morning and try to eat healthy. This is not always easy, not only because of the effort that is required for healthy eating but also because of the expensive prices of foods.

Inflation has not been very forgiving and the last couple of decades, prices for food literally rose threefold. On this site I plan to review health related products and give you some health tips that hopefully will help improve your life. It also contains my “usual” ramblings along with my musings and thoughts on stuffs.

I hope you will like it here :)